Knitting WIPs


Top left:  Alla Moda scarf in unraveled cashmere and wool

Middle left: The second of my Jacob wool handspun shawls

Bottom left: Rose Harbour Shawl in unraveled cashmere

Top right: Dressing gown in unraveled cashmere/merino/wool

Middle right: Gordian gloves in unraveled cashmere

Bottom right: Dracula’s Bride shawl in unraveled cashmere/merino/lambswool

*Clicking on links will take you to my Ravelry project pages.

These are just my active-ish WIPs.  I have a half dozen more in long term hibernation. Alla Moda, the Jacob shawls and the dressing gown are all TV knits, although the dressing gown has sorta been hibernating since last winter as it’s too hot to have that mass on my lap.  Dracula’s Bride and Gordian gloves are both complicated knits so they don’t get worked on all that often and even then it’s only a row or 2; Dracula because the rows are so long and the gloves because I can’t seem to knit a row without making a mistake and giving myself a headache while fixing it.  Rose Harbour shawl is my in-between knitting, or will be once I get into the lace part.  Too complicated for TV knitting but not as complicated as the other two.  It’s what I knit on most of the time.

I’m going to try to update my progress once a week but don’t hold me to that.


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