Spinning WIPs

  1.  Blue green braid from Broadway Creations 100% superwash Merino.  I’ve been spinning this since April 2015.  All spindles are my own handmade.
  2. Red-black mystery fiber from a facebook destash.  Spinning just as long as the braid.  I only spin on the spindles when I’m away from home or out in the backyard having a firepit.
  3. Box o’ grey fiber is Patrick the CVM 2016 I’ve just a pound or so left to comb, plus the combing waste to card.  I did much of this spinning during Tdf, all on the wheel.
  4. Purple and blue is Violette the Corriedale 2015.  I love this fiber.  It’s super soft but also a pain in the but.  Violette was sick the winter before this shearing and died the winter after.  The fiber is fine and will felt/mat if you look at it hard.  But it’s worth the work.  It was also my greasiest fleece to date and I didn’t scour it enough the first time.  So I’m scouring again and dyeing at the same time.  Then prepping (flicking and combing).  About half the fleece is now purple and the other half will be blue (about 1/4 left to go.)  I’ve spun some and it makes for gorgeous yarn.  I also dye again after spinning/plying to even out the color (and perhaps change it, in the future.)
  5. Hawaiian Merino There is a shepherd in Hawaii who has not had a place to sell his wool in years.  His house is covered in fleeces.  A lovely woman is helping him sell it.  It’s dirty stuff and a lot of work but fairly cheap.  If you want some here’s the Ravelry thread about it.  I’ve only spun one single from the combing waste but that turned out so nice.  I’ve got to get around to spinning some of the combed nests.
  6. Piper the Romney X Teeswater 2014 is oven dyed, finger teased and spun however it wants to from there.  Then I’ll ply it with the gold thread.  I’ve discovered that I don’t like longwools for my normal smooth, thin spinning but it’s fun to dabble in art yarn with it.
  7. Hampshire from 2014, my first fleece.  Dyed as locks after flicking.  Spindle spun from the lock (don’t ask how long it took.  I didn’t keep track but it was over a year for the 2 singles. Much more off than on.)  I need to ply and then this will be weaving yarn.

*Links will take you to Ravelry project pages.

I save up my plying to do all at once as my wheel needs a special drive band set up to ply.  I’m still recovering from TdF so I’m knitting more than spinning right now.  Plus my wheel is in need of a spa day with boiled linseed oil and the weather has not been cooperating.  I’m hoping a good soaking in the oil will help with some issues I’m having.  I love having an antique wheel but sometimes the quirks are quite frustrating.


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