What to knit?

I’ve made good progress on some of my WIPs.  I’m nearly done with the second color of the Jacob shawl.  I’ve gotten to the lace part of the Rose Harbour shawl.

And therein lies the problem.  This part is a lot of purling which is hard on my hands/wrists.  I’d like a second everyday knitting project so I can alternate them to give my body a rest. (The Jacob shawl is a TV knit.  Everyday knitting is done in my workroom.)

So I went to my Ravelry queue to find a project but somehow, even with 143 projects queued, I still can’t find anything to knit.  To be fair 58 of those patterns are what I classify as “complicated” knits and I already have 2 of those going which is 1 more than I should have in progress.  Another half dozen are “someday” knits – techniques I’ll try someday, such as brioche or entrelac.  And a couple are bulky weight, which I don’t have on hand.  A few more are paid patterns for which I don’t have the funds right now.  Still there has to be at least 25 patterns I could knit right now.

I don’t want to knit socks or cables or colorwork or laceweight.  Some of the lace is not exactly complicated but more than I want to tackle right now.  Maybe some mitts but then I have to find a pattern that fits the available long circular needles (I always do mitts 2 at a time or the second one will never be done.)

Maybe I’ll just find something to watch on TV and knit on the Jacob shawl on the alternate days.


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