Knitting WIPs


First up is the Jacob Shawl.  I’ve finished the light grey and will soon start the charcoal grey (cake on the right).  Then it’s on to the black/brown and it’ll be done.

Rose Harbour Shawl is about halfway through the 3rd repeat (out of 5 or 6, I’m undecided.)

And then the cowl, which has been giving me fits.  I started with a single strand on size 7 needles but the fabric was too open.  So I decided to double the yarn and stay with the size 7 needles.  But I couldn’t cast on loose enough with the 7s.  I changed to size 9 straights to cast on, knit flat for one row to transfer onto the size 7 circulars and then joined.  Did a couple of rows of garter and then switched to stockinette.  A couple of rows into that I decided I didn’t like the needles and switched again and now I’m more or less happy with it.  So I started with wooden 16 inch circs for the single strand , then switched to metal 16 inch circs and then went to 29 inch circs in a different metal (not counting the size 9 metal straights for casting on.)  It’s a pity I’ve got such bad associations with this yarn as it’s turning out to be really pretty now.

I’m resisting the urge to cast on more things.  I’ve got enough going right now.  I’m also impatiently waiting for the weather to cool down.  I really want to get back to work on the dressing gown.  Maybe by the end on the month.


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