Knitting WIPs


I didn’t bother to take a pic of the Jacob shawl as I only got 4 rows of the next color done.  I also didn’t work on the Rose Harbour shawl at all.

I’ve made good progress on the cowl.  I’d say I’m about 3/4 done.

And on Monday I got it into my head that I wanted to knit a colorwork Christmas stocking.  I also decided that I was never going to finish a hibernating colorwork thing that’s been sitting for years.  The needle was too small and I didn’t like the item it was supposed to become.  So I frogged that and used some of the yarn for this stocking.  I’m about halfway through the gusset which makes this also about 3/4 done.  Not bad for 4 days of work.  I’ve got a few more stockings queued so I might do some more.  I’m not sure.  By the time I finish this I might have worked through the colorwork urge.  But I do have more scratchy yarn like this and I’ll never use it for anything else.  If nothing else, I can always print out the patterns and bag them up with the yarn so it’s ready for future colorwork urges.


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