It’s Complicated

Relationship status:  It’s Complicated

That pretty much sums up my relationship with two of my WIPs.

Dracula’s Bride and Gordian (Refer back to the first Knitting WIP post for pics, red shawl and pink cuffs)

I have loved Dracula’s Bride since the first time I saw it and was thrilled when the designer finally had a sale and I was able to buy it.  Then I had to get the yarn and ended up plying together strands from 3 different unraveled sweaters.  At first the knitting went well and fast but as is the nature of large shawls I’m now at a point where the rows are quite long (6 sections of 70 stitches plus a 21 stitch center).  The stitches themselves are not complicated but those long rows require a lot of concentration.  I really can only manage 2 rows a day and that takes a good 2 hours (with breaks to rest my hands).

Gordian is a lot of 2 stitch cables in fingering weight.  I’ve not yet gotten the hang of cabling without a needle so doing it in that thin of a yarn is a challenge.  Plus I can’t seem to knit a row without making a mistake that takes me just as long to fix as a row takes to knit.  I really love the look of the finished gloves so I do want to knit these but I’m still just in the cuffs.  This may take years to finish at 1 row a day (cuz I end up with a headache after fixing the mistake).  I also have a ton more patterns from this designer I want to do – all cabled gloves (check her out, the patterns are free).

So I can only work on one or the other on any given day and I have to have the ability to concentrate as well.  Lately I’ve been lacking in concentration so no work has been done.




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