FO Friday

Rose Harbour Shawlette (blue and pink/purple)- I decided that I wasn’t enjoying knitting this at all and since my knitting is about the enjoyment I decided to stop early.  3 repeats of the lace makes this a shawlette but still quite pretty. Reclaimed cashmere, plied and dyed.

Cowl (reds and pinks)- With yarn doubled this actually went pretty fast and enjoyable (see previous WIP posts for details on how this yarn annoyed me). I’m pleased with it, although not enough to keep it. Malabrigo Merino Laceweight.

Christmas Stocking – I like this quite a lot.  My husband says it looks antique in style.  I’m not sure I agree but it’s pretty.  It also fixed my colorwork urge.  Can’t wait til I start decorating for Christmas so I can put this up. Assorted mystery yarns bought at Big Lots and dyed.  The Grey was picked up in a Lot of yarn on Ebay.

Now the rest were knit before I started the blog but have been waiting around to be blocked.

Buckhorn Cowl (purples and pinks)- I altered this a bit to 2 repeats of the lace on one end and 1 repeat of it on the other end.  Mainly I was trying to use up this yarn which ended up with a total of 7 projects made from it.  This was reclaimed from 1 sport weight cashmere sweater that I dyed (several times, both before and after knitting it.)  I think this needs another dunk in some dye before it’s put away.  There is definitely some color variations between skeins.

Etoile Hat (purples and pinks)- Same yarn as Buckhorn.  Nothing much to say about this.  It was a fairly easy knit, although if I made this again I’d probably go down a needle size for the ribbing.  It seems very loose.

Pandorica Cowl (dark red)- Yarn reclaimed from two sweaters plied together, merino and cashmere.  This was supposed to be a scarf and the lace pattern was not that difficult but I had a hard time working on it for some undefinable reason.  I complained about this on one of my Ravelry groups and apparently the Frost Flowers stitch pattern does that to a lot of people.  They struggle to knit it not because it’s hard but because it’s difficult to keep interested in it.  It’s weird.  I gave up when it was approaching 1 year from the day I cast it on and made it into a cowl…for a child as it’s a pretty long but thin tube.

Leaflet Cowl (purple)- This was not all that difficult and really pretty but I also had problems keeping interest in it. The yarn is reclaimed merino, plied and dyed.

*Reclaimed means a commercial made sweater bought at a thrift store/rummage sale.  I unravel them and often ply the strands together to make a thicker yarn and/or dye them.  It’s a way to get luxury fibers for quite cheap but with extra work.



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