Knitting WIPs


Lady of the Blue Forest – not a lot of progress.  I got distracted by my new WIP

Prowes – So I started this on Tuesday on size 7 needles.  The pattern says size 5-7 and 7 was the only size I had a long needle for.  I knit all day but had this nagging feeling that the fabric was too loose.  Finally, around 9 pm I finally admitted it and frogged it.  Changed to size 5 and started over.  Worked on it all day Wednesday.  Much better fabric now.  Yarn is a Zauberball I got in a giveaway.

Jacob shawl is done.  I spent Monday knitting it while I caught up on Podcasts.  It needs blocking so I’ll wait on a pic until I’ve done that.


Now I need some help.  I got this yarn in that same giveaway and I have no idea what to do with it.


Great Adirondack Yarn Co. Petite Silk Noir – Laceweight silk, 1350 yards.  As you can see it’s got short color changes.  It screams out to be a shawl but any lace pattern is going to get lost in those color changes.  I’ve looked at what others have done with it but nothing catches my interest.

Does anyone have a suggestion?  I’d prefer a shawl that will use all of the yarn but I’m open to other ideas.  Maybe several small shawls or 2 medium ones.  Or even not shawls but please no sweaters/shirts/tops or scarves (unless the scarf will really show off the yarn).  Maybe a long vest.

On a side note, I really wish you could search Ravelry for patterns that work well with variegated yarn.


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