Knitting WIPs


Just one WIP today and it’s barely that.  I’m just about to cast off.

Prowes in Zauberball – Stone wash colorway.

I found one join in the ball of yarn and it was a join, not a knot.  Which kind of irritated me more.  They take the time to make a good join but not the time to match up colors.  That ball to the bottom left is the section I took out to match colors before re-joining.  On the bottom right it all that’s left of the main yarn ball.  I’m going to cast off with the darker end of the ball.

This was an addicting knit.  Honestly it’s almost the only thing I’ve worked on it since I started it.  I did skip the final lace pattern in favoring of repeating the main lace and garter sections.  I did the original 2 sets of those section plus another 2 sets and 1 repeat of the lace section and 6 rows of the garter section.

I did a few rows on 2 of my tv knits, including the dressing gown, only because I had some tv to watch over the weekend (ok, I admit it, I watch Nascar and knit through the boring races).

I’ve also been watching a lot of podcasts and I’ve noticed that many people use progress keepers.  I decided to try them out.  I had some stitch markers with dangles that I won’t use (the dangles get in the way when I’m knitting) so I added some lobster clasps to them.  I dropped one into each WIP bin and the next time I knit on them I’ll add the progress keeper.

Now to go cast off and get this and the Jacob shawl washed and blocking.  Then it’s back to work on my handspun Lady of the Blue Forest.


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