Knitting WIPs


I need to make bigger progress markers.  You can barely see them. I circled them to make them more noticeable.

Lady of the Blue Forest – about an inch more.  Just haven’t been in a knitting mood.

Dressing Gown – several inches done, only 70 or so rows until I split for the armholes.  This is made from reclaimed yarn – cashmere, merino, wool, I think there may even be a bit of silk and some acrylic.  It’s all from black and charcoal grey sweaters.  I strand from each sweater – 8 strands in all – dk weight. Plied on my wheel.  When one sweater runs out I add the next of a similar color – fiber content can be different.  Over all it makes for a marled yarn that’s quite heavy.

This thing will weigh a ton but be oh so warm.  So far I’ve got 13 sweaters for it, although I’ve not finished plying it all.  I’m not sure I have enough.  I chose black and charcoal grey because I was always finding sweaters in those colors.  Once I started this project those colors became scarce.  It’s always that way for me.  I see lots of something in the thrift stores until I want to buy one and then I never see them.

Even though this is all endless stockinette (I altered the original pattern because I didn’t like knitting the columns of eyelets) I’m quite excited to be knitting on it again.  It’s several feet long already so covers my lap nicely and keeps me warm while I knit.  Oh and have I mentioned that I’ve never knit a sweater before?  This is essentially a really long sweater.  And I also have almost no interest in knitting a regular length sweater.  When this is done I’ll probably live in it most of the winter.  It’ll be long enough to wrap my feet in when I’m curled up in my living room chair.


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