Spinning WIPs


I was in a spinning mood this week and managed 5 singles to go with the 9 singles already done for a total of 13 singles waiting to be plied.  I ply on the same wheel that I spin on, which has a small bobbin, so my singles are 45-50 grams so I have room to fit all of it when I ply it.

Fiber: Patrick the CVM 2016 – processed from raw

I want to spin more but yesterday my body was giving me the unmistakable signals of “Keep doing this and you’ll injure yourself.”  So I’ll take a break from it today.  Which is a pity because I’ve finally got the wheel spinning wonderfully.  She’s a temperamental old wheel and I started having problems with her halfway through TdF back in July.  I’ve been fiddling with her ever since, including oiling her thoroughly but it was just this week that she started behaving.  I think she doesn’t like the summer heat.

I’m waiting to ply because plying is quite a production for me.  My antique wheel has fits about turning counter-clockwise so I have an extra long drive band for plying so I can add some twists to allow the wheel to turn clockwise while the bobbin and whorl go counter-clockwise.  I’ll take pics and post when I set it up to ply.

I’ve made a pretty good dent in the nests that are waiting to be spun but I still have some fiber left to be combed.  I might work on that today.  I already have 8 finished skeins, the singles above will make another 6 and I’d guess I have enough fiber for 6-8 more skeins.  This was a huge fleece.  I didn’t weigh it but I’m guessing it was 13 lbs or so raw, after skirting.

This is my second year with Patrick’s fiber.  Last year I got half of his fleece and fell in love.  So this year I went for the whole thing and asked to reserve it each year from now on.  My shepherdess is great about things like that.


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