Spinning FOs


No yardage for any of these.  They’re still a bit damp and need to go back on the wire racks in front of the fan until at least tomorrow.

7 skeins of Patrick the CVM in my default 2 ply fingering weight to sport weight.  I now have enough to start planning my dyeing for Sing a Song of Sixpence.   I do have to wait until after I test the new dyes to really pick colors but I can figure out yardage to dye in each color now.

One very bright pink skein of Hampshire.  Spindle spun very roughly, although it still averages fingering to sport weight.  It’s very coarse and will be used for weaving.  I have more in blue and green already spun and a lot more of this fiber waiting to be spun.  It was Koolaid dyed in the lock and spun that way as well.

2 skeins of art yarn of oven dyed in the lock Teeswater/Romney cross. Finger picked and spun however it ended up.  There are bit of fiber sticking out everywhere and it is nowhere near smooth.  Plied with a gold thread.  I’ll probably also use this for weaving.  I was despairing of ever being able to use this fleece.  It was one of the first fleeces I bought, before I discovered my love of fine wools.  I spun some up trying for smooth like I do the CVM and if fought me every step of the way.  I did manage to knit a pair of mittens but didn’t like knitting it at all.  I have one more skein of the smooth-ish yarn to use somehow but the rest of the fleece is all waiting to be spun into this art yarn.  I may actually pick up a long wool fleece this year specifically for this sort of yarn.


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