Plying on antique spinning wheels

I have only one working wheel, an antique double drive.  She’s got her quirks but she spins what I want to spin.  One of her quirks is that she absolutely despises spinning counter clockwise.  She will throw the drive band every 5 seconds and that’s not an exaggeration. This makes plying….difficult, if not impossible.

I can’t take credit for this solution.  I first saw it on the Ravelry group Antique Spinning Wheels.

I have a special longer plying drive band.  It’s longer, because I have to add twists at the bobbin and whorl to allow them to turn counter clockwise while the wheel spins clockwise.

The first picture is my normal spinning drive band.  The next two are different angles of the plying drive band.  Notice that it is twisted so that the parts that come up and over the top of the wheel are away from me as I sit at the wheel, while the parts that go under the wheel are closer to me. This is how it works for me and the alignment of the whorl/bobbin to the wheel (which is slightly off and the wheel is slightly warped too.)  I don’t think it really matters which way it’s twisted as long as the twist is there.

I use cotton yarn as a drive band, nothing special.  This just happens to be some I dyed and didn’t like the colors.

I do advise moving the MOA as close to the wheel as possible while you put on the drive band.  It’s pretty fiddly to get to sit just right, at least for me.

The drive band that is not in use is just tied up and left to hang from the upright, out of the way but handy for when I want to switch.


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