Dharma Acid Dyes Part 1

The first thing I must emphasize is that I am not scientific about this.  I don’t really measure and I don’t keep great notes. And my camera is not a fan of purples so colors are somewhat off. I mixed up dye solutions of 1/8 tsp dye to 1 Cup of water and poured splashes of that out into jars, about 1/8 -1/4 cup of solution for each dye.  I also added a splash of vinegar and did all my heating in pint canning jars in the microwave.

Yarn is 8-10 yard mini-skeins of the grey CVM handspun that I’ve showed before.



These are the colors straight from the jars so are the most saturated possible colors.

  1. Cherry Bomb – a lovely red with a raspberry tinge.
  2. True Turquoise – Lighter and bluer than I expected.  And seemed a bit fiddly in getting it to strike.  May need more acid than the rest.
  3. Aubergine – Deep purple with a brown tone.  Really gorgeous in person.
  4. Oxblood Red – not as deep red as I would have thought.  More old blood.
  5. Berry Crush – deep, lovely violet.  A very rich color.
  6. Bright Aqua – Bright blue-green.
  7. Teddy Bear Brown – solid dark brown.  I actually can’t wait to pair this with the aqua or turquoise.


Next I started blending.  Just pouring colors together or adding a pinch of dry powder to the liquid.  Again, no measuring.


  1. Berry Crush/Bright Aqua – dark lilac.
  2. Aubergine/True Turquoise – Just lightened the Aubergine a little and took out the brown tones.
  3. Cherry Bomb/Teddy Bear Brown – Rich wine.
  4. Cherry Bomb/Turquoise – Struck unevenly.  Still quite pretty


  1. Cherry Bomb/Aubergine – Quite similar to the last one, just more purple.  It seems that Cherry Bomb may have broke in both of these.
  2. OxBlood Red/True Turquoise – I confess that the Oxblood confuses me.  It doesn’t blend like I’d expect.
  3. Berry Crush/Teddy Bear Brown – Plum
  4. Aubergine/Bright Aqua – Dark Blue-purple
  5. Aubergine/Berry Crush – A richer, slightly redder version of the last one.


  1. Berry Crush/True/Turquoise – Lilac.
  2. Cherry Bomb/ Midnight Blue – Gorgeous deep wine.  Makes me think of Vampires
  3. Oxblood red/ Midnight Blue – Dusty Purple
  4. Bright Aqua/ Deep Magenta – Sort of a cross between raspberry and plum


  1. Berry Crush/Midnight Blue – This is what I think of when I think of purple.
  2. True Turquoise/Poinsettia – Red with hints of raspberry
  3. Berry Crush/Brilliant Yellow – Burnt Orange, which I like, surprisingly, as I don’t usually like orange
  4. Cherry Bomb/Midnight Blue – Wine red with bits of blue-purple.  The Cherry broke again
  5. True Turquoise/ Deep Magenta – Purpley magenta


  1. Oxblood Red/ Brilliant Yellow – Almost Pumpkin pie orange with hints of yellow.
  2. Bright Aqua/Poinsettia –  Light Burgundy

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