Knitting WIPs

Major progress on the Dressing Gown.  I didn’t want to knit on anything else all week and got to my 48 inches on Tuesday so I could split into fronts and backs.  About an inch of the back section done. I tried and tried to take a pic of it all spread out but couldn’t get high enough to get it all in the pic.  I spread it out on my king-size bed and it was nearly as wide as the bed and almost 3/4 of the distance from top to bottom.  Thank goodness I have a dress form or this would be impossible to photo when it’s done.

I needed a break from the dressing gown and I had all those mini skeins from my dyeing tests.  I was wondering what to do with them when I remembered the hexipuffs I’d done way back in 2013.  I keep seeing these scrap blankets on podcasts but honestly, mitered squares are not my thing.  So I’m pulling this out of hibernation, at least a little.

I’m doing them 3 at a time, magic loop.  I did 2 on dpns  (upper left) but decided to give magic loop a try to see if it was easier (it’s not faster.)  So far it is easier.  I’m just grabbing a mini skein at random, knitting until it runs out and then grabbing another at random to continue.  No matching of colors, no planning.  I’m not even looking when I grab.  The 10 other puffs are ones I did in 2013.  Some sock yarn leftovers, some shawl leftovers, some “I think this might be interesting.”

I do intend to make a Beekeeper’s quilt from my puffs.  It may just take me another 10 years.  I’m ok with that.  I do have more leftovers if I’m still in a puff mood when the mini skeins run out.


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