Knitting WIPs


Dressing Gown – Almost halfway through the sleeve, or at least the part before I start decreasing.  The stitch markers note 50 stitch stretches.  It helps me to know when to take breaks as slogging through 252 stitches tends to make my thumb/wrist hurt.  Last Nascar races are this weekend so I’m going to have to find new time to dedicate to knitting on this.  Maybe during football, while my husband watches and I’m up in my room.  I can always use that time to catch up on podcasts.

I cast on In Between Days on last Friday.  I needed something different.  And this is certainly different.  This shawl is far more difficult than I anticipated.  It’s my first asymmetrical shawl and wow, it’s extremely counter-intuitive for me.  I was off by 2 stitches after the first repeat and that almost never happens to me.  I had to rip it out and start over.  The stitches aren’t hard, although I did have to keep a webpage up to reference how to do the M1R and M1L.  The second try went better, especially after I went and figured out the stitch count for each row.  I often do that if it’s not included in the pattern.  So far it’s keeping me on track.  By the end of the second repeat I’d caught on to the rhythm of the increases and it got easier.  But I don’t think I can leave this alone for more than a day or two or I’ll lose that rhythm.

I chose colors as similar as I could to the sample in the pattern.  The colors are really what caught my eye about this one.  That’s also a common theme.  I’m attracted to a pattern because of the colors and upon closer inspection realize that the colors are the only thing I like about it.  At least in this one, I was also intrigued by the pattern.  Pattern is well-written and laid out.  Aside from the row stitch counts, so far I’ve not had a problem with anything.

One of these days I’ve got to get back into the habit of doing a row or two a day on my more difficult knits.  I’d like to get them done sometime in the next year.



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