This might be sacrilege.

I don’t like knitting or wearing sock weight socks.  There, I said it. Hate me if you wish.  Think I’m insane or weird, I’m ok with that.

They hurt me to knit.  Something about the thin yarn on size 1 needles just hurts my wrists.  They’re too much work to care for.  The pairs I have are not superwash so they must be hand washed,  Even if they were superwash I’d probably not trust my washer and dryer not to felt them anyway.  The handwashing isn’t really a problem.  The problem is that they attract every bit of cat fur and my own shed hair that they can.  Which means I have to run a lint roller over them once they’re dry before I wear them.  It’s just too much work, plus they don’t actually keep my feet as warm as the store bought socks I normally wear. I get super cold feet, even with 2 pairs of socks and a pair of slippers on them.

Now I have done sport weight or heavier socks in machine washable fibers (almost entirely acrylic)for my mom.  I don’t mind knitting those so much and they seem to be holding up well for her. In fact she’s always begging for more.  So I might try those for myself.

But my dislike for sock weight socks leaves me with a bunch of yarn with no purpose.  Including 6 skeins of Cascade Heritage in black that were supposed to be tights, but between not liking to knit socks and being unable to decide on a pattern, have not been knit. Plus 8 single skeins in assorted brands and colors.

Now I need to find patterns to use them up and 2 of those single skeins are absolutely my favorite colors so must be used in something special just for me.  Does any one have suggestions for sock weight hats, cowls or shawls?  The 2 special skeins do coordinate and could be used with a black skein.  Actually I could use black with any of the 8 single skeins.  Oh and I have some assorted partial skeins of sock weight too, probably half a skein or less each.  And no, I don’t want to do a sock yarn blanket, other than my beekeeper’s quilt.

Here are the 2 special skeins stash pages.

Cascade Heritage in Italian Plum

Wandering Wool High Peaks in Deep Amethyst

BTW, the WIP post will be a day late, since I’ll be too busy to post on Thursday.  Lots of progress on the Dressing Gown.


2 thoughts on “This might be sacrilege.”

    1. I did go wandering on Rav and found a few projects. I’m leaning towards some colorwork in black and purple for both a hat and mitts. And a sockhead hat, seeing as nearly everyone but me has made one. Colorwork seems a good way to use up that all that black along with the colored skeins. I knit looser in colorwork, even on smaller needles. I always knitted socks with super tight tension, which probably added to the pain. I’m not in any hurry to knit all this yarn up. I just finally accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to knit socks with any of it.


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