Knitting WIPs


I have been obsessed with this dressing gown.  I worked on it through all 3 of the last Nascar races this past weekend and then totally binged on it Monday to finish the back.  Plus some work on it Tuesday night and between cooking/baking on Wednesday. That’s right, the back is done and I’m almost halfway through the left front.

It’s also getting really hard to photograph.  See that progress keeper on the left, at the end of the sleeve?  That’s where I was last week, just less than halfway through that sleeve.  I finished that, along with the other sleeve, the back and shoulder shaping.  Then, after 4 or 5 tries at writing out the instructions until I got them right, I started the left front.  I basted the left sleeve together at the bottom just to stabilize things and minimize all the flopping around.  I’m just at knitting the sleeve, no more increases, although there are some decreases at the other side, for the v-neck.

I think I might have enough yarn made to finish both this side and the right side….maybe.  But once that’s done, I can sew it together properly, block it and wear it while I knit the collar and lace edging.  And make more yarn.

I have no idea where/how I’m going to block this.  It’s huge!  Not to mention how heavy it’ll be when soaking wet.  I think I have a blanket I can roll it in to dry it – I’d have to use half the towels we own otherwise.


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