Why do I knit lace?

Because it’s challenging and in shawls, it changes every row so it’s always different.  And so I can spend over an hour trying to fix a mistake…sigh (that was sarcasm, just so it’s clear.)

What do you do when you find a mistake?  You tink back a row (thankfully, just in one section.)  What do you do when you still have a mistake?  Tink back another row.  Then reknit both rows and then knit the row you were originally on and then give a big sigh of relief when the count comes out right.

I do count (and sometimes recount) every section after finishing.  And count it again when I purl back.  My counts were right but somehow I ended up with one extra stitch when I knit that section.  And then was short a stitch after tinking….twice.

On the plus side…a few more rows of Lady of the Blue Forest are done.  But now I’m moving on to something easier.  My brain hurts.


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