Knitting WIPs

Lady of the Blue Forest – A lot of work done on this one.  In fact, I’m 5 rows from the cast off.  Unfortunately, I’ve pushed a bit hard on this one and my wrist is not too happy with me.  I’m still knitting on it but not as much as I’d like.  Still, this may just be a finished object (blocked and everything) late next week.

Dressing Gown Collar – I’ve barely started this.  It’s all garter stitch with some short rows.

In Between Days – About an inch done since last week.  I’ve been more focused on the Dressing gown and Lady than this.  Once I finish Lady it’s back to work on this shawl.  I still have hopes of finishing it before the end of the year.  I think I forgot to mention the yarns in past posts.  Blue is cashmere, purple and grey are both merino.  All are reclaimed.  The purple I dyed quite some time ago. I chose the colors as the closest I had to the one in the pattern.  The colors are what drew me to it first.

On a couple of podcasts that I watch, they showed all of their WIPs, and I mean ALL of them.  After seeing them show nearly 2 dozen WIPs each, I don’t feel nearly so bad about my 7 WIPs.  Even with my 5 hibernating WIPs (some of which may get frogged) that’s only 12.


I had the dressing gown on my dress form.  I was going to leave it there so it had a chance to stretch out.  Then this happened.  That’s Eeyore in the amazing new “cat cave.”  Which is all kinds of cute and adorable.  But later he decided it was more fun to play in there, including trying to eat yarn ends.  So the dressing gown is rolled up and stored away until I’m ready to put the collar on.  Or it gets super cold like they are predicting and I decide to wear it.  And I guess there is an unforeseen issue.  I know about tripping over the length and things like that.  I wasn’t expecting to have to be careful not to trip over the cat that’s trying to sit under my gown.


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