Lace Knitting

Many people say that lace knitting (or knitted lace) is hard.  It’s not really hard or difficult.  It’s just a combination of fairly easy stitches (usually easy. There are patterns with hard stitches). What it takes is concentration.

Lets take the row I’m currently knitting on Lady of the Blue Forest.  Now I’m nearly to the end so this is a long row, over 400 stitches, broken into 4 sections of 120 stitches.  First there is a set of 6 stitches, yos, k1, ssk and k2tog.  Easy stitches.  That set of 6 stitches is repeated 4 times.  Ok, I can count to 24 so this is simple.  Then it’s a series of k1, 2 or 3, yos, ssks, k2togs and a few k3togs thrown in for spice before repeating those first 24 stitches in reverse order.  Still, easy stitches.  The problem is that there is no break, no place to stop and catch your breath.  You’ve got to power through and knit all those stitches.  It’s knit a few stitches, glace at the instructions for the next few, knit them and repeat.  It’s all in the concentration.

I do use something to block the other rows on the paper so I’m only looking at the row I’m knitting.  I also use another thing (these things depends on what’s available on my desk) to point to where I am in the row.  That one gets moved every couple of stitches.

I do stop after every section and count the stitches.  It’s easier to go back and fix a missed or wrong stitch in a 120 stitch section rather than 300 stitches back from the end of the row.  I also take breaks between sections.  This lets my brain and body relax before tackling the next section.

So lace knitting is not difficult.  It just takes concentration and a lack of distractions.  I don’t have kids, my husband works all day and my cats normally sleep all day so I don’t have many distractions.  I also don’t listen to music or watch podcasts when I’m knitting lace.


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