Finished Objects – knitting



Mitten ornaments – I think I’m done, but I might be wrong.  There’s on my blocking board.  The last one (in shades of brown) is my original design (as in I didn’t look at anyone else’s chart but it’s a simple snowflake so it’s probably already been done.)

In Between Days – Also on the blocking board.  That board is 4.5 by 3.5 feet and there’s a good foot of shawl wrapped around each side to the back.  So when you last saw it, I had just finished the stripes.  The blue mesh took less than 24 hours (and I slept during that.)  The edging, on the other hand, was never ending and so tedious.  I’d knit on it for 10-15 minutes then do something else, knit on it and do something else.  It decreased by 1 stitch every 40 rows so it did get faster but it was just so boring and tedious.  I finally finished last night.  I even played a safe game of yarn chicken and lost.  It was safe because I had another cake of purple.  I ended up adding the new yarn 16 six stitch rows from the end and as it tends to be with hand dyed yarn, it was a different shade of purple.  All in all, it was an interesting knit and a well written pattern.  I would advise some experience with short rows before knitting this.  I had almost no experience and the first corner of the edging is not pretty.  The second one is better.

Next week I’ll try to get better pics of the mittens and proper finished pics on the dress form of this shawl and Lady of the Blue Forest.

Also next week will be a “plans for 2017” post.  I’m not too sure about a WIP post.  My husband has off starting tomorrow through Monday and I’m not sure how much knitting I’ll get done.  I’ve also sworn off casting on anything until the new year (the only exception is the last Jacob shawl, if I get in the mood to do so, as it’s part of an ongoing project trio.)  I’ve got the dressing gown collar to knit on when I do have time or a long term scarf project


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