2017 Plans

I think 2017, or at least the beginning of it, will be the year of colorwork.

I’m planning on casting on Frostfangs hat and Winter Twilight Mitts in the first week of the year.  I’ll be using Cascade Heritage Solids sock yarn in black and Wandering Wools High Peaks Sock in Deep Amethyst for the hat and the same black and Cascade Heritage Solids sock yarn in Italian Plum for the mitts.  They should more or less match.

After that I’m thinking about some complicated (as yet undecided) colorwork patterned cowl in some vintage Bernat sock yarn in red and black.

There will also be a Sockhead hat but I’ve not yet decided which skein of sock yarn to use.

Sing a Song of Sixpence is also high in the queue using my own handspun.  I just need to decide on colors and dye them.  The yarn is all skeined up and ready to go.

I will also be knitting Vinorina in some lovely reclaimed chocolate brown wool/silk/cashmere.  I’d started this a long time ago, not long after I started reclaiming sweaters but found it hard to knit because back then, I didn’t wash the yarn before knitting with it.  I frogged the little I had knit, washed the yarn and it’s ready to go.

I also want to knit Fox Paws. Choosing colors will be a project all by itself.

I also ordered some books from Amazon and they should arrive tomorrow. (Click on the book images to go to the Amazon page for each.)

  1.   The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting.  I intend to try designing with these stitch patterns but probably in larger yarn and needles than are traditionally used.
  2. Knitting Fresh Brioche.  I will learn Brioche in 2017.  I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile but having this book gives me no excuse.
  3.  Traditional Fair Isle Knitting.  More on the colorwork theme for the year.  I will also try designing with this.

Pattern design.  Nothing specific planned, other than releasing one or more patterns.

And finally I want to finish two WIPs.  These are my most complicated/high concentration projects.  I can usually only do one or two rows on one of them a day.  I want to try to work on one or the other every other day.  That way they will at least be progressing, if not very fast.  I refuse to cast on another complicated/high concentration item until these two are done (and I have a lot of those kinds of shawls queued and yarn paired to them.)

  1. Gordian gloves
  2. Dracula’s Bride

Overall, I think my goal for 2017 is to challenge myself.  I’ve fallen into the habit of picking easy patterns or at least mostly stockinette patterns.  I need to expand my knitting knowledge and skills.

So there we go, my plans for 2017.  I think I’ve achieved a good mix of specific and general goals and avoided the specific sort of deadlines that trigger my contrary nature.



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