A slight change of plans

So last night I decided to work a bit on the Gordian gloves. Unfortunately they seem to fall into the same category as socks – fingering weight yarn on small needles – and are therefore painful.  I did just two rows and I can still feel it in my right thumb.

That really sucks because I really like these gloves and the designer has at least a dozen more with awesome cable patterns.  I suppose I could do one or two rows a week and not damage myself too much but I really don’t want to take a year to make a pair of gloves.

I could use the cable parts of the patterns to make other things in heavier yarn/larger needles; hats or cowls, maybe.  Just for my own private use.  And if any of them turn out really beautiful I could contact the designer to ask permission to use her charts in a design for sale (or free, if that’s what she prefers.  Her designs are free.)

So, much to my displeasure, these gloves will get frogged.  That leaves me with just one complicated/high concentration project. On the bright side, that project will get done faster now.


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