Knitting WIPs


Dressing Gown Collar – This is so weird to knit.  It’s short rows and ends up being 14 rows on the bottom to 2 rows at the top.  I worked on this for a bit on Christmas Eve day and come to a screeching halt when I needed more yarn.  I had more but I wanted to use 2 skeins that are slightly (almost unnoticeable) more grey for the back of the collar.  I got them out to wind them into cakes only to discover that I hadn’t washed them.  I got them washed and dried and caked up  but haven’t gotten back to knitting on this.

Alla Moda scarf – I’ve sworn off scarves, except for this one.  I’m in no rush to finish it.  It’s simple stockinette but with single row stripes.  It’s a good mindless knit for tv/movie knitting.  It sits untouched for long stretches until needed to fill a gap (like waiting for yarn to dry before I can knit on the collar.)  It could also be travel knitting if I need it.

In non-WIP news:  My books arrived!  I’ve already designed a pattern for a cowl using that vintage Bernat sock yarn using Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor.  I used Stitch Fiddle and wow, that was addicting.  I just wanted to keep going but it’s already going to be a fairly tall cowl.  There will definitely be more of that in my future.  Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant might as well be written in Greek for all I’m understanding it right now.  I’m betting it’ll make more sense once I start knitting.  I haven’t looked much at the last book The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting by Elizabeth Lovick.  I’m saving that one for later next year when I need a break from colorwork and figuring out brioche.

I’m finalizing my plans for casting on in the new year.  I think I’ll push that hat and mitts off for a few weeks in favor of brioche and the cowl I designed.  The mitts may get taken out of the mix anyway.  It might fall under the thin yarn, small needles problem. My tension is very tight with colorwork so I’m planning on going up a needle size so that may make it work.


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