Proper FO pics


Click on the pics to see bigger versions.

In Between Days – being asymmetrical it doesn’t look right worn around the shoulders but I’ve never gotten the hang of wrapping it around the neck, particularly on the nearly non-existent neck of my dress form.

Lady of the Blue Forest – I dyed 3 skeins but only used most of 2. The darker line near the bottom is where I switched skeins but somehow the first skein ended up half dark and half lighter and over all it looks like I meant to do that.  I’m rather happy with it.  It’s the first time I’ve used my own handspun for lace.

Mitten Ornaments – I used these to practice getting my floats right, especially around the corners when switching needles.  I also need to be more aware to leave a bit of slack on longer floats.  No idea where to put these.  I’ll probably just toss them in the ornament box when I take my tree down and worry about it next year.



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