Knitting WIPs

In my last post, I said I was not going to do the collar for the dressing gown and than I didn’t like the lace edging in the pattern.  I found an edging that I like – Angel Lace from Knitting Beyond the Edge by Nicky Epstein.  It’ll look better once it’s blocked.  Only 20 ft to go.

This is the next and last swatch from Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant.  This is 2 repeats of Reversed Long Leaf.  I think I’ll do one more repeat before casting off.  I’m thinking of doing Ring of Fire from that same book but I’ll need to find/dye some yarn first.  I think it’s the colors that grab me most in that pattern.

I’m just over halfway on my Fair Isle cowl.  I’m quite pleased with it.  I’ve had to correct a few mistakes on my chart.  My tension and floats are good – perhaps a bit too loose, but I’m happy with the fabric I’m getting.  Check out the backside up at the top.  Those are the best looking floats I’ve ever had.  I’m thinking of releasing this as a paid pattern, just a buck or two.


I blocked the dressing gown!  And lost my dining room for two days while it dried.  I tried not to stretch it too much but wow, this thing is huge.  I had to fold up the sleeves as they didn’t fit on the boards.



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