Knitting WIPs

Sing a Song of Sixpence – I just cast this on this morning so there’s not much to see.  It’s handspun CVM.

Cowl – I’m about 3/4 done.  I adore this.  It’s turning out so well.

Jacob Shawl – The third of a trio.  This one is a triangle shape like the first one.  It’s just knit until I run out of yarn.

I rather overdid it on the cowl on Monday and my thumb/wrist has been hurting. I seem to do this every couple of weeks.  So I was doing things other than knitting, including going through my stash and labeling everything.  I also matched yarn to about a half dozen patterns so I know what I’ll be casting on all year.

I also spent a few days dyeing yarn.


The first is one colorway for the Ring of Fire brioche cowl.  I also did one in shades of purple.  The second is fifteen 100 yard skeins for Sing a Song of Sixpence.  There are 6 colors, although it may look like more since there were some oddities in dyeing.  Some I oven dyed and some kettle dyed and the oven dyed ones are somewhat unevenly dyed.  It’s fine since the plan is just to knit until a skein runs out and then semi-randomly add a new one.

I’m still taking it easy on the knitting as things still hurt.  Good thing is that I’m dedicating February to spinning which generally doesn’t bother my wrist and thumb (although does bring different aches if I overdo it.)  I did finish combing Patrick the CVM from 2016 and spinning that will be my main focus.


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