Knitting WIPs


Sing a Song of Sixpence – Still on the first color but I’m getting near the end.  I’ll soon do another increase row and I think that either during or right after those increases I’ll get to start the next color.

Vinorina Shawl – Just started this one.  It’s bottom up so you cast on a lot of stitches and decrease your way up.  I have to say that the beginning was a bit confusing.  The stitch markers kept moving.  I’m now in a section where they are staying put but the next part is a bit confusing again.  This is all in the written instructions.  I expect that the charts aren’t as confusing but I can’t read charts easily.  I can do it but not while knitting at the same time. Yarn is reclaimed silk/cashmere.

I did a little work on Dracula’s Bride but not enough to show.  It really just looks like a scrunched up red mess.

I’ve been working on the red and black fair isle cowl but I’ve decided to publish the pattern so custom says I should no longer show it.  I expect to release it by the end of February.  I’m almost done knitting, then it’s washing and blocking and photos.  I’ve been working on writing the pattern and that’s starting to look pretty good.  Now if I could only think up a name that’s not color based and original.

I’ve decided to drop the Winter Twilight Mitts.  I’m pretty sure they will fall into the painful sock knitting category.  I’ve figured out that its a combo of thin yarn, small needles and small circumference.  I can knit with the thin yarn on small needles but only if the circumference is larger, such as a hat or cowl or larger.  I’m planning on designing more fair isle cowls and I’ll use the yarn for that.



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