Knitting Fail


I cast on Frostfangs Hat yesterday.  I frogged it today.

The final straw was the colors.  There just isn’t enough contrast.  I need something brighter and lighter to go with the black.  So the pattern goes back in the queue until I find/buy that yarn (whatever it might be).

The other straws, you ask.  Well, the pattern itself was…umm, not the best.  It’s a hat, designed for a very large male head.  To make it fit a woman’s head, there are a lot of alterations to be made.  You need to drop one repeat and remove some (10) rows so it’s not too tall (unless you want it really slouchy).  I actually charted out the pattern so I could decide which rows to remove.  Most of them were at the bottom but there were a few higher up.  The ribbing was very loose, even done is a smaller needle size (size 2, instead of 3).  I knit colorwork very loosely now so I stayed with the size 2 for the body.  I still think it would have ended up a bit too big.  I think that I’ll make this into a cowl when I find the right yarn.  Then I won’t have to skip any rows or repeats although I will have to fiddle with the chart at the top to remove the crown decreases.  Gauge won’t be so important so I could maybe go with size 3 needles.

There won’t be a knitting wip post this week.  I only worked on this and my cowl design.  I finished the cowl but can’t show it until I’m ready to post the pattern and with this hat being frogged I’ve got nothing to show.  Tomorrow starts my month of spinning and I won’t have anything interesting to show after one day.  Actually I might not have anything interesting to show most of the month.  A bunch of grey singles in cakes isn’t very interesting.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.


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