A new month

My month of spinning is over and I accomplished much of what I wanted to do.  Even though I got distracted by a sewing bug for a week.  I’ve learned to follow the sewing urge when it comes.  That urge doesn’t come often or last long.  Since the last few skeins of yarn are still drying I thought I’d show you the results of the sewing bug.  Some is even sort of knitting related.

It all started when I decided to try making a project bag.  I dug through my fabric stash and found a bunch of appropriate fabric.  I found a tutorial online. I combined the sizes from Easy Drawstring Bag from Purl Soho with the instructions from Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial from In Color Order, adjusted for using a solid piece of fabric.

I suppose I should say that I’m not a beginner at sewing but I’m not an expert either.  As long as things aren’t too difficult I can usually alter and adjust as I go.  My mother was a master seamstress and I couldn’t help but pick up skills as I grew up.  She can no longer sew like she used to so now I find myself having to increase my skill level to make things I want instead of asking her to make things for me.

So here are the bags I made, most of them with projects in them.


 The bag on the bottom right is a lined tote bag for carrying around the project bags.  I glanced at a few tutorials to figure out length and where/how to sew in the straps but the bag is the same as the rest.  Technically they are all reversible but the fabric is all the same on the inside, white with suns.
Much of the fabric was from thrift stores or rummage sales (the lining was a sheet.) Some was bought for other projects that never got made.  The tiger fabric is from a skirt (that I made) that I’ll never wear (I’ve outgrown wearing tigers.)
So from making those bags came the idea of making grocery bags.  We’ve been talking about making the switch to reusable grocery bags but didn’t really want to buy bags and couldn’t find the ones we’d already bought (I think they got used to store things.)  Our local Habitat for Humanity restore has upholstery scraps and I’ve been collecting them for a few years for no apparent reason.  At 50 cents a bundle and often several yards in a bundle, I couldn’t resist. Some of the fabric is from heavy tablecloths bought at thrift stores of rummage sales.
I used the same basic pattern as the project bags but much larger and unlined.  The straps are sewn down the inside nearly to the bottom of the bags.
I’ve probably got the prettiest grocery bags in town.
I’m waiting for some interfacing to arrive in the mail and then I plan to make more project bags.  I want to make a few that are stiffer and will stand up on their own and I want to try making a zippered bag (I’ve never put a zipper in anything.)  I have the fabric ready to go.  I bought a bunch of pillow cases at a thrift store, plus a white sheet for the lining.  I’ve got them all cut out and ready (although I need to pick up another sheet.  I have more outsides than I have linings.)
You might have noticed that I mentioned sheets and tablecloths a few times.  I did look at fabric at a store but that stuff is so expensive (at least the stuff I liked.)  Sheets and tablecloths are often very cheap at thrift stores and rummage sales and you get so much fabric from them.  I seem to find ones that are nearly new (or new) and without stains fairly easily.  Pillowcases are good for when you want just a small amount of fabric but in many colors/patterns.
Tomorrow I plan to post about all the spinning I accomplished in the last month.  I’m quite pleased with what I did.

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