Spinning FOs


It was a productive month of spinning, despite the sewing distraction.

5 skeins of fingering weight from Patrick the CVM 2016 for a total of 1052 yards.

A 209 yard skein of fingering weight CVM.  I keep seeing skeins spun from those gorgeous dyed commercial braids. Part of the reason I got into raw fleece is because I can’t afford those braids. I tried an experiment to see if I could dye hand combed top without felting it. I succeeded but I don’t actually like how it looks knit up so I won’t be doing it again. Turns out I like the yarn in the skein far more than the yarn when knit.

5 skeins of bulky weight CVM.  It’s still a bit damp so I’ve not measured it yet.  This finishes Patrick the CVM, aside from a pillowcase stuffed full of combing waste.  Someday I may card that to make lumpy bumpy yarn.  I’m a bit tempted to sew the bag closed and use it as a pillow as it’s very soft and comfy.  Eeyore the cat likes to sleep on it.

An unmeasured skein of Hampshire for weaving.  It’s about sport weight.  This was spindle spun.

I am very pleased with what I accomplished.  Patrick the CVM is done and off my mind.  Now it’s on to Violette the Corriedale’s super delicate but soft fleece.  I have several ziplocs of dyed locks to comb which will take me awhile.  I can only do 2-3 nests a day because I have to flick the locks before combing.  My body can only take so much of that before things start hurting.  I’ll do a post in the future showing the issues and process of this fleece.  Many would toss it as not worth the effort but it is such soft wool and spins like a dream that I’m willing to put in the work.


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