Random Ramblings

Does anyone else’s brain just suddenly go “Nope!” while they’re knitting?

I’m on the third consecutive day of working exclusively in my colorwork cowl design.  I’m about 2/3 through knitting it.  Last night I really hit a groove.  My fingers knew what movements to make to knit each color without me having to think about it much and I was knitting along nearly as fast as I would with one color instead of two. Today started out the same but all of a sudden my fingers aren’t doing the right things.  If I’m supposed to knit 2 black stitches next I end up knitting 2 color stitches or vice versa.  I immediately notice, of course, and tink back to fix it.  It’s just weird.  The last time it happened I distinctly remember thinking “knit 2 black” but I knit two color stitches.  My hands just did the opposite of what they were supposed to do.

This happens on shawls too.  For example, let’s say the lace pattern is a 10 stitch repeat and it’s repeated a dozen or more times across the row.   The first two repeats set the pattern into my memory and I merrily knit along without having to look at the pattern.  On the 10th repeat, all of a sudden, I can’t remember what stitch comes next and have to check the pattern, even though I knit the repeat from memory just fine 10 seconds ago.

I don’t know what the problem is, brain fatigue maybe.  It’s just weird.

In other news, it’s been five days since I released my first pattern and while it’s not gone viral, it’s not been ignored either.  I’ve had two people buy it and more than 40 favorite it.  I’m pleased.

I’m not really looking to make money from my patterns.  It’s more to give back to the community.  Although I am hoping to make about $50 a year.  Yes, a year. That gives me enough money to buy my fleeces every spring.  Anything I make beyond that is unplanned.  Come to think of it, I might spend any extra on needles.  I’d like to have 47 inch circulars in every size and several in some sizes.  I have some but not as many as I want/need.


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