Knitting WIPs and more


Vinorina – A bottom up shawl that is quite slow going.  A lot of stitches. It’s finally worth showing now that you can see leaves along the bottom edge.  It’s a little fiddly at times.  On a few rows the stitch markers have to move and then move back on the following row which always make me a little paranoid that I’ve messed something up.

Speaking of messing things up A Downton Wedding Shawl is in time out. I’m off by one stitch on the stitch count.  But I’ve gone over it and I can’t find the mistake.  It goes from 347 stitches to 262 stitches in one row and I’m a stitch short.  When I do the math to get to 347 and then the math to get back to 262, I come up with my stitch count and not the one in the pattern.  I’ll probably finish this section (when I’m not so annoyed at it) with my stitch count (as long as it keeps working) and just fudge an extra stitch before the next section.

These are my bookshelves.  One side is random books, spinning books and pattern books.  The other side is stitch pattern books (minus one Brioche book, which is in a project bag.)

The other pic is my project bag/spinning wheel corner  All of the projects I keep in my room are there plus all the extra bags.  The bags in use have tags so I know what’s inside without having to open them.  A few projects have two bags, one for the main project and one for the extra yarn.


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