Random Ramblings

Life has suddenly gotten busy and a bit chaotic.

My shepherdess is shearing this Friday.  It’s a bit early due to scheduling issues with her shearer.  Honestly it’s about 2 weeks earlier than i was expecting.  Ack!  I’m not ready!  But in any case, we’re heading out on Saturday afternoon to get my fleeces.  And she mentioned that she’s got a floor loom up in her attic and wondered if I might be interested.  Of course I’m interested.  I’m just not sure if I have the room or if I can afford it.  But knowing her, she’ll just give it to me since it’s just taking up space and she has no interest in it.  It’s all in pieces too.  As for room…if it’s not too big, we’ll find room.  If she does set a price and I can’t afford it, I’ll offer to take it and sell it for her, since she’s not online.

So I planned all of that on Monday afternoon.  Monday evening we get the news that my father-in-law needs to stay with us this weekend, which is half of my chaos.  We never have anyone to stay so there’s unusual cleaning to be done (like vacuuming out the couch since that’s where he’ll sleep and washing bedding.)

It won’t interfere with going to get my fleeces but it definitely puts a twist into our lives.

I discussed what fleeces I might like with my shepherdess and she suggested a Teeswater/BFL cross.  I’ve researched it and I think she might be right.  I suspect I’m going to spend some time dipping my fingers into many different fleeces.  I’ve got a lot more knowledge and experience since my last longwool fleece and I should be better able to judge what I might like. And I’ll probably come home with more fleece than I intended.  It’s those wool fumes.

Fleeces aren’t allowed into the house until they’ve been scoured.  They live in the garage until then.  That’s my husband’s domain and while he says he doesn’t mind I always feel guilty leaving them out there for too long.  Plus I can’t play with them until I’ve scoured them.  The weather looks to be on the low end of acceptably warm enough to scour next week.  I can only hope the forecast is at least right, if not underestimating the temps a bit.  But if I do get to scour, a post next week is questionable.  When I’m scouring I spend the majority of the day outside and I’m exhausted by the time I’m done. This will last for a week to two weeks, depending on weather and amount of fleece.  I need to start with re-scouring that Corriedale from a few years ago so that will only add to the time.  Post may be scarce for a bit.

I’ve started swatching stitch patterns from those Victorian era books.  There are often pics but they are usually engravings, drawings of the knitting, and not photos.  They sort of show what things should look like but you really need a swatch to be sure.  Plus a swatch sorts out any transcribing or translation errors.  The instructions don’t use the same terminology or abbreviations that we do today which can be confusing.  One pattern had a few stitches that it said to repeat 4 times.  When I knit it the stitch count didn’t work.  It turns out that they meant, repeat those stitches 4 MORE times, for a total of 5.


So that’s 5 down and I think 5 to go and that’s only the ones I’ve transcribed and translated.  There are many more that I’m interested in.

Down the road there will be project designs with these stitch patterns

I believe I mentioned that there is also macrame in some of these old books.  I gave it a shot and I’m quite pleased.  I think I might do more and frame them to hang on the wall.



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