More Ramblings

No fleeces yet.  Our plans fell through last weekend.  My shepherdess is difficult to get a hold of but I’m hoping to get them this weekend.  I did get the rest of the Corriedale re-scoured.  It’s looking and feeling good.


The only other things to show are more swatches.  This batch had some issues.  I had to chart and rework some of them to get them to actually work.  And some still have issues that I need to look into.  The next one on the list had 2 separate instructions in 2 different books.  The first set just did not work.  The second set looks like it should but the proof will be in the swatch.

After that one I have to transcribe/translate some more before I can knit more swatches.  I also have to figure out some way of organizing them.  I’m thinking of printing each set of instructions and putting them with the swatch into plastic sleeves in a binder.  Sort of my own custom stitch pattern book.


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