TdF Week 2+

I’ve been terrible at updating.  I think it’s because I post updates in my team thread for the group I’m riding with and then utterly forget to post here too.


Days 8 and 9

I wasn’t really thinking when I combed this and ended up with some light nests and many more darker nests. There wasn’t enough light to make a whole skein so I held a light and dark together and spun from both at the same time. This fiber is clumpy despite combing so I ended up spinning it quite thick. I think it may end up as bulky once plied. I have a few more light nests left and will continue holding them with a dark nest until the light nests run out and then I’ll finish the skein in dark. If I don’t like the end results of these two skeins I’ll dye them. Either brown to try to even things out or maybe red. I’ve dyed the dark brown red before and it turned out well.

Days 10 and 11

Combed Merino. This is as thin as my wheel would allow. I’m guessing at fingering weight once plied, maybe less. Depends on how much it poofs up after washing. It was actually pretty easy to spin. It wasn’t nearly as fussy as I was expecting.

Days 12 and 13

Dyed and combed Corriedale spun as thin as my wheel will allow. The pic of the singles is closest to the actual color. My camera doesn’t like purple.


Day 14

Corriedale combing waste. Now that turned out much better. I spun two singles today, using up the fiber, and plied them on a spindle. They would not have fit on my wheel, both in thickness and length. I barely got it spun with the wheel. My wheel doesn’t like thick. Heck, it barely fit on one of my biggest spindles to ply.

I quite like the variety of shades of purple in the skein. It’s not washed yet so it may fluff up some. It’s definitely going to be bulky.

Days 15 and 16

And another single done. I estimate that I have enough fiber for one more or three total. That’s a respectable amount from a fairly small fleece.

Days 17 and 18

Second Polwarth single done. These will be plied back onto themselves to make 2 skeins. Not bad for 1lb of raw fiber. Probably will knit a small shawl with them – someday – after dyeing them a color yet to be determined.

And that gets me caught up.  Tomorrow it’s back to Merino. And then the CVM and then the Shetland/Corriedale lamb.  That should get me through the end of TdF. I might keep going and finish off the Merino and I think that is all of the fiber I have prepped (aside from the Romney/Teeswater for art yarn).

Then I’ll spend a few days plying and after that it’s prepping Cormo and Corriedale and maybe some knitting.  I don’t think I’ve knit in almost 2 months.  It’s been all fiber prep and spinning.


TdF Week 1

So I didn’t manage to post as often as I planned.  It’s been a heck of a week with a lot of non-fiber things going on.  But I did manage to spin quite a bit.

Days 1 and 2 were spent on the Shetland/Corriedale lamb.  I had a bit of an epiphany. I have one wheel with one bobbin so I’ve been spinning singles to fill the bobbin half way and then spinning a second single and plying the two together. I wind them into cakes before plying. It occurred to me that I could fill the bobbin and wind it into a cake and then ply it onto itself since the cake allows me to pull from the center and the outside. And then I’d have no wasted singles. So that’s what I’m trying now. I won’t ply until the end or after TdF since it requires a different drive band and set up for my wheel. I prefer to do all my plying in big batches.

Days 3 and 4 progress and half of day 5. Despite an emergency defrosting of our refrigerator/freezer on Monday and spending several hours away from my wheel for the fireworks on Tuesday I managed 102 grams of Polwarth singles. Although I did get some work done on my spindle while waiting for the fireworks. No after pic, just imagine a fuller spindle.

As per usual, I spend my time waiting for the fireworks spinning on my spindle. If I’m being honest, it’s more showing off to the muggles with my spindle. 😉 I walk around, half don’t watch what I’m doing and all in all, make it look effortless. Eventually someone comes over to ask questions. Last night it was an older gentleman, who wanted to know about the mechanics of it. He said he’d ever seen anything like it.

Days 5, 6 & 7

This is a gorgeous soft cormo. But it was tough going. This is what I combed before I realized that I really needed to re-scour. It’s still got a lot of lanolin in it so it was very sticky. The rest of the fiber was re-scoured and is lanolin free but I ran out of time to comb more before TdF started.

I spun this thinner than my normal but with the lanolin I can’t tell how much it will poof up once washed (which will be more like a scour).

Today (Day 8) I’ve moved on to some CVM.  I’ve barely started but so far it’s going well.  Much thicker than the others so will probably be done faster.  Although I do have some things that will keep me away from my wheel today so maybe it will take 2 days.