Designing a Dwarrow Shawl Part 2

This pattern is going to drive me insane.

I got the written instructions done over the weekend and yesterday I cast on.  The beginning went well.  I can show you that without giving much away.


It’s pretty and interesting and I think I need to play with this as an all over design in the future.

After that I started the lace motif that I had designed.  I was right. Those purl side decreases just suck.  They’re overly complicated and I don’t like knitting them.  My number one rule of knitting is that it should be fun and/or interesting.  If certain stitches irritate me, I won’t knit it.

I’ve knitted enough lace to know I don’t like purl decreases beyond p2tog so I should have avoided them from the beginning.  So back to the chart to fix things.  I fiddled with adding plain purl rows but that stretched things out terribly.  I soon realized that I had to do a complete redesign, except for the beginning part I showed above.  I got the basic design re-done last night before my brain screamed no more.

This morning I came back to finish it.  All was going well until I removed 3 rows that somehow accidentally got added to the beginning.  That screwed up things so that all my pattern rows were suddenly on purl rows.   NOOOOOOOO!!!  That’s what I was trying to afford in the first place.  So I decided to add a row to shift things back to the knit rows.  But that messes up my shaping increases.  I stared at it awhile before deciding that one row without increases wouldn’t really mess anything up.

Now I have to do the written pattern from this redesign.  Doing it the first time was a headache in places and I don’t anticipate this being any easier.  Maybe I should pay Stitch Fiddle for the month so I can do it automatically.  I’ll think about it for awhile.  I need a break before my head explodes.


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