Sweater WIP


Top Down Raglan Sweater Generator – I just wanted a simple, top down, in the round sweater.  This one is free and so far, pretty good.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.  While I’ve not knitted a sweater before (unless you count the dressing gown as a really long cardigan) I do have a lot of knitting experience so the not very detailed instructions are not a problem.

The nice thing is that you input your bust measurement, needle size and gauge (it does require a swatch but I used the dressing gown as it is the same needle and yarn) and type of fit (I chose loose as I wanted it big and almost oversized. and then it spits out the instructions.  So if I wanted to add a pattern or lace or whatever, I would do my swatch in that to get the gauge and theoretically it would fit just fine.

Honestly, I’m happy with plain sweaters for now.  I have already started planning my next sweater out of some handspun.


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