Finished Object!


Sing a Song of Sixpence is done.  It’s been slightly altered to be all stockinette stitch.  It’s big but because of the shape it doesn’t fit well as a shawl or as a blanket.  Perhaps it’s a lap rug.  It’s all handspun and hand dyed CVM.  The center is a bit puffy as I just could not get it to lay flat.


That’s the only official finished object.  The center of the French Quilt shawl is also finished but it still needs both a border and an edging.

I went thrifting over the weekend and picked up this sweater.  It’s polyester/acrylic which is something I normally wouldn’t buy but it’s so pretty that I couldn’t resist.  Nearly 1800 yards of fingering weight.

In other news, last week was a very messed up week, which is why this post is late.  My husband was home Monday due to the 15 inches of snow we got.  He worked Tuesday but was home Wednesday and Thursday for the polar vortex.  We had lows of -20 with windchills of -50.  We spent a lot of time in the living room – the warmest room – as our individual workspaces were just too cold to be in for long.  It probably was in the low 50’s in those rooms (his is in the basement and mine is on the 2nd floor). He went back to work on Friday and this week is back to normal.

When he’s home it totally messes with my schedule so I didn’t get much done, including the post I meant to do.

I’m back on schedule now and with Sixpence done that means Corridale sweater on Mondays, Dracula’s Bride on Wednesdays and French Quilt on Fridays.  I’m working on a sleeve on the sweater and this pattern has issues with sleeve measurements.  I’ve had to adjust the decrease rate several times.  I think I’ve got it now.  We’ll see on Monday.  Now that the center of the French Quilt is sewn together I’ve got no more excuses and I have to work on the border.  I’ve got a few repeats done and a whole lot left to go.


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