Pattern Release and Project Bags


Belated pattern release announcement.  I released Her Immortal Scroll Cowl last Friday but forgot to announce it here.  It’s not turning out to be as popular as my first pattern but then I didn’t expect it to be.  It’s not nearly as striking.  What was I thinking when I bought that yarn?  It’s ugly.

No WIPs today.  I spent most of the week sewing and not knitting so there’s not enough progress on anything to bother showing.  Instead I’ll show the 23 bags I made.

Along with the ones I made previously, I’ve got about 30 project bags now.  The left picture is from my fabric stash, some scraps sewn together, some bigger pieces.  The red and black ones will have some tatting hand-sewn on, once I weave in the ends on the tatting.  The right picture, except for the purple one, are all from thrift store pillow cases.  The linings are white or cream, from thrift store sheets, except for a few on the left that have the lighter colored pillowcases as linings.  I did the 10 pillowcase bags all in one day, as a production line.

My husband is going to build storage for me in one corner of my room.  Probably just a bunch of hooks on boards but I’ll be able to hand multiple bags on one hook.  I’m waiting for that to happen and then I’ll move all my projects to bags instead of the bins they now live in.  Then the bins can be used for fiber storage.



Dragon’s Breath Cowl – 300-800 yards.  I saw a few projects with variegated yarn that looks pretty good.

Tierce Knits suggested Pretty as a Peacock shawl – I’d considered it but it’s written for sport weight and I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough to do it in laceweight.  I’d have to adjust it quite a bit and at $10 I’d rather not have to fiddle with it.

5 Basic Circular Shawl Shapes Cheat Sheet – Or I could make up my own shawl in plain stockinette or perhaps some simple texture or lace.  I’ll have to look through my stitch dictionaries.

The more I think about it the more I’m leaning towards designing my own.  Several different stitch patterns.  I’ll have to swatch to see what ones look good in this yarn.  I never swatch so this must mean I’m serious lol.  Besides, it’ll be another step towards becoming a designer.


Becoming a designer?

In the last week I’ve come to a realization:  I’m far more experienced a knitter than I thought I was.  First it was adjusting the Rose Harbour shawl pattern to suit my own preferences better.  Next I realized that the Jacob shawls, while I am using a pattern for the basic shape, could have any stitch pattern I wanted (if I wanted a stitch pattern.  I actually want those to be all garter stitch).  Then I was looking through my queue and then newly released patterns trying to find something to knit.  I’m rather in a cowl mood and after looking at a lot of patterns and remembering what I’ve knit recently, it occurred to me that many cowl patterns are simply an edging (garter or whatever) to keep the edges from rolling and then a stitch pattern and then the edging again.  I have stitch dictionaries so what’s to stop me from designing my own patterns?

So that is my goal this fall/winter.  I will design some cowl patterns and put them up on Ravelry for free.  Perhaps move on to hats and mitts later on.  Eventually, in a year or two, I might be able to design more complicated things or stitch patterns, which I would then charge for.

I suppose at some point I’ll have to start my own Ravelry group and have test knitters and whatnot but I think I can manage with just test knitting the patterns myself for now.

I’ve already copied a couple of stitch patterns into a word processing file.  Next will be editing them to be knit in the round and then knitting and taking notes as I go so I can write up the pattern afterwards.  I think the toughest part might be admitting defeat and frogging.  I hate undoing all that hard work.