FO and WIP


A finished sweater and a new one started!

Both are Top Down Raglan Sweater Generator

Finished sweater is about 672 yards of reclaimed DK weight yarn.

size 8 needle.
gauge – 4.5 st per inch, 5 rows per inch.
42 inch bust – loose fit
Did neck band with size 6 needle, wrists with size 8 and garter stitch for bottom band.
Decreased every 3 rows instead of 4 on the sleeves.

I probably should have gone with size 6 needles for the wrists as the ribbing is a bit loose. Sleeves are a bit long but the cuffs fold up nicely and I may want that bit of extra length in the middle of winter when my hands are ice cold.

Other than the sleeves, the sweater is everything I wanted. Almost oversized, baggy, comfortable sweater. Much like the sweatshirts I’ve been wearing.  Honestly I’ve been wearing it for a few days and it’s so comfortable and warm but so far not too warm. I’m very pleased.  Oh and that lighter band of grey across the middle is not visible in real life.  I’m sure it’s probably there as the shades of grey did change from skein to skein but the camera picked it up much more than the naked eye does.  Or it might be my camera as it does seem to extend onto the sleeves and each sleeve was one skein.  Oh well, camera is old.

The WIP sweater is handspun corriedale, sportweight – ish with size 6 needles.  I used the comfortable fit instead of loose fit to make is a bit smaller. The first sweater is almost too loose.  Color is off in the pic.  My camera hates purples.  This yarn is unevenly dyed, the skeins were dyed at different times and some are almost variegated.  I’m just going to knit them as they come and if I don’t like it in the end I can always toss the finished sweater in the dye pot to even things out.


Sweater decisions

No picture because it’s the same as the last, just longer.

I tried it on today and I’m pleased with the fit.  Big and comfy.  It’s possibly a bit too warm until the temps drop a bit more.  Currently it’s in the 30’s most days.  Once it drops below freezing on a regular basis, this sweater should be perfect.

Right now, unblocked, it sits at my waist.  I need to decide how much longer it needs to be.  I’m planning 2 inches of garter stitch instead of ribbing.  I don’t want it to draw in at the bottom.  Experience blocking the dressing gown tells me that this yarn grows a lot in blocking.  Probably 2 inches or more on something that was already from my neck to dragging on the floor and that was I was just trying to flatten it, not stretch it.

It’s about 6 inches to where I want it to fall.  Subtract the 2 inches of garter and that’s 4 inches.  But that measurement is for the blocked sweater.  I don’t think garter stitch will stretch as much as stockinette so it’s really just the 4 inches I need to consider.  Do I knit 2 more inches and plan on 2 inches more in blocking?  It’s a very stretchy yarn so it can take a hard block if needed.  It could be a little shorter or longer in the end without a problem.

I just grabbed the sweater and yanking hard on it lengthwise I can pull it 10 inches longer.  I think 2 more inches of knitting will be fine and I can block it the rest of the way.  Maybe 1.5 inches to account for stretch in the garter section.  Can you tell I’d like to finish knitting this sooner rather than later?  I still have to knit the sleeves and I’d like to be done or close to done by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

And I’ll have to make these same decisions for the sleeves.  Those will end in 2 inches of ribbing.  I’ve also noted that people had problems with the decreases being too slow in the sleeves.  I can see how that may be a problem.  For this sweater it’s 2 stitches decreased every 4 rows, starting with 91 stitches.  I’ll try that at first but anticipate having to increase faster after the elbow.  Probably a lot of trying on when I get to that point.

Sweater WIP


Top Down Raglan Sweater Generator – I just wanted a simple, top down, in the round sweater.  This one is free and so far, pretty good.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.  While I’ve not knitted a sweater before (unless you count the dressing gown as a really long cardigan) I do have a lot of knitting experience so the not very detailed instructions are not a problem.

The nice thing is that you input your bust measurement, needle size and gauge (it does require a swatch but I used the dressing gown as it is the same needle and yarn) and type of fit (I chose loose as I wanted it big and almost oversized. and then it spits out the instructions.  So if I wanted to add a pattern or lace or whatever, I would do my swatch in that to get the gauge and theoretically it would fit just fine.

Honestly, I’m happy with plain sweaters for now.  I have already started planning my next sweater out of some handspun.

Design fail

It was going so well.  I’ve been working hard on the Dwarrow stocking design.  The leg looks good.  The heel flap and heel are okay but the foot…the foot is a disaster.


The gusset need some sort of design to ease the decrease line.  The foot design is way too big. This is just halfway through the chart.  If I finish it, it’ll be longer than the leg.  The stripes are acting as ribbing.  While some of that would block out, this is acrylic, so it would still be weird.  Despite my best efforts, it seems like my floats are too short, pulling the blue line of stitches apart to show the float beneath.  I don’t understand that since the floats make big annoying loops while it’s bunched up to knit.

It’s time to admit that this design is a fail and frog it.  On the plus side, the leg design will make a pretty cowl.  So it’s not a total loss.

I still need to release the Hap style shawl.  I’ll get around to it one of these days.  In the mean time, this stocking gets frogged and then I can use the needle to start a sweater (which is not my design.  I’ve never knit a sweater so there’s no way I could design one.)

So maybe I AM a sweater knitter.

I’ve spent the last two weeks sewing and I’ve got the basics of a wardrobe made (enough clothes to get me through a week or so.)  I’m quite pleased with what I’ve made.  It’s comfortable and fairly easy although I do tend to end up back in sweats on the weekends.  Skirts are just inconvenient for my more active/dirty weekends.

I did miscalculate a bit in choosing fabrics/styles.  When I was planning and sewing, temps were still in the 60’s or more.  We’ve suddenly dropped to the 40’s and turned on the heat.  We don’t keep the heat very high and the clothes I made are a bit light for the current and coming temps.  I could just throw on a sweatshirt but that rather ruins the style.

I need sweaters.  I need to knit sweaters.

I want quick and easy sweaters which means thicker yarn and bigger needles.  I’ve got the yarn (or yarn-to-be, as much still needs to be plied) but it’s earmarked for my dressing gown.  The dressing gown is complete except for the lace edging.  I need miles of edging and have no inspiration to knit it.  The gown is wearable as is (aside from a sash).  The edging is just fancy-ing it up a bit.  I’ve decided to skip the edging which frees up the yarn and yarn-to-be for a sweater (or two).

Next is needle.  My biggest size 8 circular is currently in the Dwarrow stocking design.  I suddenly have inspiration to finish knitting it so I can use the needle for a sweater.

I’m putting a pause on the sewing.  I have ideas but not enough matching fabric.  And to be honest, I’ve kind of burned out on sewing.

Reclaimed yarns

Last week I was in the mood to unravel and ply some of my sweater stash.  I did pretty well, finishing about half of the pile.  Now I’m left with the ones that are a bit delicate or complicated.


  1. 1480 yards of light fingering weight silk.
  2. 75 yards white, 665 yards blue of laceweight 50%wool, 35%nylon, 15% angora.
  3. 500 yards fingering weight merino
  4. All yarn in this pic are destined for the dye pot.  The big one was unraveled previously.  It is DK weight wool and didn’t need plying.  The yellow is silk, probably laceweight.  There’s some merino and a cashmere as well as a wool/cashmere. I have no ideas yet about what colors to dye these.

I’ve not been knitting much.  Just not in the mood.  I have started a Dwarrow inspired Christmas stocking.  I’m hoping to get the pattern released before Dec 1.  I’ve given up on finding test knitters.  Perhaps when/if I become more popular I’ll try again.  Sometime next week I’ll release the Hap Style Shawl pattern.

So why am I not in the mood to knit?  I’m not exactly sure.  It’s certainly knitting weather.  I have been working on fiber prep.  And there was Halloween decorating.  I have been in the mood to sew, although I’ve not actually sewn anything.  I’ve organized my fabric stash and ordered some patterns and printed out some free ones.  I’ve been struggling for years with the desire to change the way I dress but have been unable to really define my style.  It’s been what I like vs what is practical to wear.  I live in sweatpants, t-shirts and sweatshirts.  I like skirts and somewhat fancier things.  I’ve collected the fancier stuff but don’t wear it because it’s too much work to pick out an outfit or I’m afraid of getting it dirty or it’s just too fussy to wear for everyday.

I stumbled across something called Lagenlook and it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. Loose, comfortable layers.  Pretty without being fussy and if I keep cotton as my top layer it’s easy to wash and with this style, if it gets stained I can just stick a decorative patch over it to hide it.  I can keep the fancier clothing for special occasions.  So I’m just waiting for some patterns to arrive and then I’ll be sewing for awhile.

I think that’s enough rambling for today.