August Misc.



There was a chunk of Luke the Icelandic’s fleece that was too felted to pull apart. I finally got around to felting it the rest of the way.

I learned that I don’t like felting. Which means that the 2 fleeces from Pinto that I had set aside as being too short to spin and planned to felt will now be scoured. After that, I’ve no idea. Maybe I’ll wait til I get a drum carder and card the two coats together.

For now, this chunk will be a cat bed, unless we catch them trying to groom it. In that case, I’ll figure out some way to use it as decor. It’s about 10 X 21 inches.

August has been all over the place, in terms of what I’m doing.  I’ve re-scoured one of Luke the Icelandic’s fleeces.  I’ve knitted some, but not much, other than the weekly 2 rows of Dracula’s Bride.  I’ve done some prep.

I need to re-scour Pepper’s adult fleece as well as scour the grey-brown Merino and both of Pinto’s fleeces.  Those two will just be torn into chunks, tossed in bags and scoured.  The Merino needs to be pulled into locks first, which will take awhile.  I’m planning on doing that this coming weekend.

Winter may be coming sooner than people think.  My zucchini are already done.  The tomatoes are on their last legs.  The cucumbers are slowing down a lot.  The squash vines (acorn and butternut) are just starting to die off.  Our weather has been unusually cool for the middle to end of August.  Low to mid 70’s is almost cold for this time of the year.  We should be in the high 80’s.  On the plus side, it’s good scouring weather (the low 70’s) so I can get that done before it gets too cold.


TdF 2019 the final results


This is what I completed during TdF.  22.5 cakes of singles.


After a week of plying, post tDf, this is my final result.

Left pic from left to right: Icelandic, laceweight and plied unless otherwise noted
Duchess – 2 tog, 2 thel
Dodge – 2 tog, 1 thel
Cocoa – 4 tog (singles), 2 thel (bulky)
Cinnamon – 2 tog, 2 thel (bulky)

Right pic: all sportweight, my default spin
2 Cormo
1.5 Corriedale
2 Merino

Now for the numbers

1053 yards of Icelandic Thel
1271 yards of Icelandic Tog
1029 yards of other breeds

6248 yards of singles spun or 3.6 miles

5lbs 4 oz of fiber used of 8 lbs 15 oz prepped

All of the Icelandic Tog is for weaving warp. All of the not white Icelandic Thel is for weaving weft. White Icelandic Thel is for lace shawls and will be dyed once I decide on projects and colors. The Cormo will become a sweater. Possibly the Merino too. I need to spin more of both. The Corriedale has no plans.

Now it’s back to knitting.  Both myself and my wheel need a break so it’s all knitting for now.  I’m working on the edging for the French Quilt shawl every day, except Wednesdays which are for the Dracula’s Bride Shawl.  Even with A/C it’s just too hot to work on the sweater.

In the first 9 days of TdF I have spun:

  • 1 bobbin of the grey/brown merino (bottom right)
  • 2 bobbins of Duchess Icelandic thel (top right and bottom next to the blue)
  • 1.5 bobbins of Violette the Corriedale (dyed blue)
  • 1 bobbin of Dodge Icelandic tog (the big hairy looking one on the right)
  • 1 bobbin of Mercedes the Cormo (left side above the blue)
  • 2 bobbins of Cocoa Icelandic thel (left side above the cormo and right side above the tog)
  • 1 bobbin of Cinnamon Icelandic thel (top left)

I won’t be plying until after TdF is done.

Ready for TdF

I have nearly 9 lbs of ready to spin fiber from 7 fleeces.  I don’t expect to spin it all during TdF but I like having options.


Dodge the Icelandic. Left: 776 grams thel. Right 936 grams tog.


Cocoa the Icelandic. Left 186 grams thel.  Right 434 grams tog.


Cinnamon the Icelandic.  Left 210 grams tog. Right 186 grams thel.


Duchess the Icelandic. Left 348 grams thel.  Right 280 grams tog.

These 4 fleeces are completely prepped (no more fleece left).  I’ve already spun 4 laceweight skeins of Dodge.


Merino 242 grams.  Most of this fleece still needs to be scoured and prepped.


Violette the Corriedale 126 grams.  This is all that is left of this fleece.  It was dyed as locks and then combed.


Mercedes the Cormo 348 grams.  Still have more of this fleece to prep.

Just over a week to go til TdF begins.  I won’t be prepping more.  I need to rest my body so that I’m ready to spin daily for 3 weeks.  This is going to be an agonizing wait.  I really want to start spinning.

Charcoal Grey Merino Fleece


I got some of that charcoal grey Merino scoured.  Turns out to be more brown than grey once combed.  There’s quite a range of color.  Dark grey, light grey, a bit of white and brown and that’s not counting the sunburned tips.  I’m just mixing it all together.

I’m flicking both ends as there is a break 1/4 inch from the butt end and the tips are sunburned.  It’s a bit hard on my fingers if I’m not careful.  The locks are around 2 inches long once I straighten them out.  They kind of shrink up a bit after scouring.  But it combs up well and I love the variations of color in the nests.  This will be some gorgeous yarn.

Another day or two and I’ll have everything I scoured, combed.

I scoured about 24 oz in raw weight. Loss from scouring was 11 oz, leaving 13 oz.  There’s quite a bit of loss in flicking/combing.  I’m not sure what the final weight of usable fiber will be but I’m pretty sure it’ll be enough for 2 skeins of yarn.  Not too bad for Merino.

Can’t wait for TdF to start so I can spin this.

Icelandic Progress

I know I’m mentioned working on the Icelandic fleeces but I thought I’d provide a full update.

  • Dodge Spring – 3/4 ready to spin. 3 laceweight skeins complete
  • Dodge Fall
  • Cinnamon Spring – ready to spin
  • Cinnamon Fall (lamb)
  • Pepper Spring – needs re-scour
  • Pepper Fall (lamb)
  • Meadow Spring
  • Meadow Fall
  • Duchess Spring – ready to spin
  • Duchess Fall
  • Luke Spring – needs re-scour
  • Luke Fall – needs re-scour
  • Sugar Spring
  • Sugar Fall (lamb)
  • Cocoa Spring – ready to spin
  • Cocoa Fall (lamb)
  • Salty Spring
  • Salty Fall (lamb)
  • Pinto Spring – will be felted
  • Pinto Fall – will be felted

The 5 lamb fleeces will wait until I get a drum carder.

The 3 re-scour fleeces are waiting until we figure out my new scouring setup.  I’m currently having issues with how long it takes to heat the water on the propane burner.  And how much propane it takes.

That’s 3 and 3/4 fleeces ready to spin or already spun.  Not bad for about 10 months (since the scouring was finished).

I have Sugar Spring and Salty Spring in the “prep next” pile.  Although Salty will likely only be trimmed and not actually prepped before July.

I also have a small amount of Corriedale prepped and a good amount of Cormo prepped (at least 3 skeins worth).  I’m hoping to get some of the Merino scoured and prepped.

So I’m prepared for Tour de Fleece in July.  Probably over-prepared but that’s fine.  I can always keep spinning into August and beyond if needed.  I’ll post pics of everything that’s prepped near the end of June/beginning of July.

On the knitting side, I’ve split for the sleeves and started the main body on the sweater.  I’m trudging along on Dracula’s Bride.  I’m going to add the border for the French Quilt Shawl back into rotation.  But I’m taking July off from kinitting entirely.  That will be a fiber only month.

Merino Fleece

I wasn’t going to buy any fleeces this year. I’m still buried in a mountain of Icelandic. But this beauty came across my Facebook at a great price and I couldn’t resist.

7 lbs Merino. The last pic is after scouring. Looks charcoal grey with sunburnt tips pre-scour but more dark brown with a grayish tint afterwards.

Somewhat short, 2.5 inches, which really shrinks when washed. I’ve done a carded and a combed sample out of that little handful of fiber and both are very soft and springy. It does seem to be prone to nepps, in both preps. Heck, I found nepps in the fiber after scouring and before doing any prep.

It’s been packed away until my outside scouring setup is ready. I plan to pull the entire fleece into locks before scouring. Trying to find and pull locks out of my sample after scouring was difficult. Plus, by handling each lock, I should be able to get all the second cuts that may be causing the pre-prep nepps.

In knitting news, I’m now 5 rows from splitting for the sleeves on the colorwork sweater.  I can’t wait for that to happen.  These rows are very long and hurt (despite taking breaks every third of a row.)  I’ll go down to 9 repeats instead of 15 and that’s a much more manageable number of stitches.

In other fleece prep news, I’ve got one entire fleece prepped.  Cocoa’s spring fleece.  I had to trim the butt ends but after that it prepped pretty well.  I combed it and when I tried a sample on a spindle it was much better – softer, thinner, not so lumpy – than the carded prep without trimming.  I’m getting pretty far on Cinnamon’s fleece as well.  It’s all trimmed and the carding is going better with it.  Duchess is in progress as well.  It’s being combed and doesn’t need a trim.